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About 5 million people in Singapore regularly use the Internet every day, according to a 2019 report from GlobalWebIndex. These active Internet users between the ages of 16 to 64 go online for a variety of reasons. But the most prevalent purpose why 85% of the Singaporean population uses the Google search engine is to search for a product or service.

Organic Traffic

Given that SEO is focused on boosting your site’s visibility and increasing its rank, it is often compared with paid advertising. To put it simply, the main difference between SEO and paid advertising is that the former generates free organic traffic, while the latter comes with a cost per click. Essentially, SEO has the potential to generate long-term and substantial returns on your initial investment.

SEO Shopify

Today, online shopping has become the norm, and the idea of using your mobile device to purchase an item is common practice. Many are familiar with Shopify, which offers some of the most affordable plans for store owners.

Targeting the right audience

Finding the right audiences is a requisite to having a high ROI on Google ads. No matter how great your ad is, displaying it to customers who aren’t unwilling to purchase will be a clear waste of time and money.

SEO Audit

People need regular health check-ups to assess their well-being, so do websites. Conducting a website audit is what a check-up is to a sick person. It’s an essential tool to examine a website’s overall health and identify technical issues that negatively impact site performance. A site audit helps uncover website flaws, and is usually done before the start of a website redesign or an SEO campaign. Understanding your website’s weaknesses allows you to make the necessary changes. In doing so, website performance can be greatly improved.

SEO Statistics

The relevance of search engine optimization (SEO) today remains one of the most controversial topics among digital marketers. Some believe that the decades’ old online tactics to boost its online reach and awareness are already passé. But businesses still believe that SEO remains one of the best strategies to help build their online brand. They continue to work with reliable SEO agencies to help them develop various techniques to remain on top of the SEO rankings.