One of the biggest goals of websites nowadays is to gather high-quality backlinks. If you get a backlink from a high-authority site, you are not only helping a particular post rank better on search engines, but that can also generally give other pages on your site a good SEO boost. Getting quality links is one of the key techniques to garner hundreds and thousands of organic search engine visitors month by month. And one of the factors that can increase the chances of getting the most backlinks is how you present your content.

SEO Steps for Business Success in Singapore

SEO Steps for Business Success in Singapore

Small businesses might have a hard time competing in the digital sphere due to the big players seizing the game. However, small firms still have a chance to thrive as long as the right marketing approach is followed. SEO is an instrument that small and big businesses alike can take advantage of.

The following are some of the key steps to make small businesses survive and even outdo the giants.



When building a website, most people tend to neglect SEO thinking that it should come later. However, this is a big misconception because SEO structure should be a part of your website’s foundation. If you ignore this during the start of your website building, you will need more efforts and even possibly even website revamp.

By making SEO a part of your website’s foundation, you can get better rankings in search engines, which will get you more traffic and will inevitably lead to higher conversion rates.

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There is still much debate about what is the best way to measure the success of a website. Amidst the different ideas, it is proven that engagement and retention are two of the most effective ways to measure the performance of your site. Before we tackle the deeper metrics that can help increase your site’s performance, it’s best to understand first what engagement and retention are and why they are essential tools for measurement.

Web Engagement and Retention Explained

Most people interchange the two, but they are different by nature. First of all, engagement refers to the amount of time that people spend on the website and how many features they click. A high engagement site is a website where people spend an ample amount of time doing whatever activities the site can offer just like on Facebook or Twitter.

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Although the design of an online ad is what catches the attention of the viewers, it’s the text that will make them click on it. For this sole reason, the wording of an advertisement is crucial. If you are in the marketing or advertising industry, then you understand that creating attractive and substantial ad copy is a vital part of your work.

Mobile page speed

These days, having a mobile-friendly site is crucial to your business since most consumers are already on their smartphones. With this trend becoming a vital aspect of digital marketing, businesses have to keep up with what’s latest and make sure that the customer experience of mobile users meets their needs and wants.

According to Tractus’ research, 40% of the consumers won’t stick around on a website that doesn’t load in more or less three seconds. This means that it’s up to you to make sure that your business’ website can completely load within three seconds.

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