How to Build a Good Working Relationship with Your SEM Agency

Collaborating with an SEM agency (search engine marketing agency) is like being in a marriage. It’s not always rosy. Sometimes, it works. Sometimes it does not. One thing is for sure: the client must work hand in hand with its search engine marketing agency to ensure that objectives are achieved and desired results are actualised.

As a client, there are things you can do to keep your working relationship with your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) agency strong and solid. For a more successful collaboration with an SEM agency, make the following points a part of your to-do list:

Search Engine Marketing

1. Be clear with your objectives.

Nothing is more disheartening for any SEM agency, or any other business for that matter, than having to deal with a client whose goals or expectations are constantly changing. If your goal is a return on ad spend for a specific time frame or a cost per conversion, then stick with it. Discuss landing pages, campaign schemes and web copies thoroughly from the start to identify goals with clarity. Take note, a sudden change in objectives may disrupt project flow and cause unnecessary delays.

2. Be patient.

The success of search engine marketing does not happen overnight. It takes weeks, two weeks at a minimum, to see the impact of an SEM campaign. Amassing conversions, clicks and quality score information and building a credible online presence requires a lot of time. Be mindful of the time schedule and give your SEM agency adequate time to work on the project. Harassing your SEM agency won’t hasten the process, it will only make matters worse and hopeless.

3. Share data with your agency.

Any business undergoes changes. New product lines are released. Promos are offered to customers. Products can go out of stock. You’ll need to share all these new information with your SEM agency so they can take advantage of these updates and incorporate them into the SEM campaign. Also, learn to share your data with them – share your profitability or your business performance and goals so they can incorporate these insights into their SEM efforts.

4. Keep them transparent.

An SEM agency may be paid regardless of whether they spend many hours of work on your account. This is because they usually get paid through a percentage of media spending. To prevent your SEM agency from falling into the habit of coursing through campaigns negligently, ask them to give you a monthly update so you can see if they’re committed to improving your SEM campaign. Look into their activities and see if they’re tweaking or modifying your website.

 5. Don’t be mean.

The best way to get the attention of the best SEM agencies and the best search engine marketers out there is to be nice. If you want a reputable SEM agency to work for you long term, then respect their work and treat them well. Otherwise, you’ll be avoided by SEM providers.

Good SEM Agency-Client Relationship: Does it Matter?

For long lasting partnerships with your SEM agency, make sure you abide by the simple tips cited above. Remember, a pleasant and profitable SEM agency-client relationship can lead to positive results that can exceed your expectations.

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