Effective Guide to a Result-Driven Mobile SEO Strategy in 2014

In a recent study conducted by Nielsen (in partnership with Google) which focused on consumers’ mobile shopping habits, it was revealed that 74% of mobile phone users rely on search engines throughout the purchase process. The same study exposed the speedy decision-making of mobile phone consumers; in fact, it was found that 83% of mobile consumers typically desire to purchase within a day and more than half of mobile consumer population, around 55 %, intend to buy within the hour.

These key findings directly signal that mobile SEO is becoming more relevant nowadays; hence, it is imperative for business owners to devise a mobile SEO strategy that is in tune with the needs of their target consumers.

Mobile SEO Tips For 2014: Here are essential tips to help you jumpstart your mobile SEO success this 2014:mobile-seo-text-across-devices

1. Mobile SEO success demands enhanced Mobile User Experience.

The success of your mobile SEO strategy is highly dependent on positive user experiences.

The concept of user experience requires a careful understanding of consumer behaviours and their purchasing habits as this aspect of SEO involves a website’s ability to engage its site visitors.

Good user experience highly impacts site rankings – simply put, a website that notably interacts with its site visitors is likely to transform visitors into loyal customers and generate more conversions.

2. Build a Mobile-friendly Website.

The growth of mobile traffic is evident these days. Another study by Bright Edge Mobile Share showed that mobile phone traffic increased to 125 percent, a huge improvement compared to desktop traffic, which only increased to 12 percent.

Needless to say, a key element to the success of your mobile SEO strategy is a mobile-friendly website, whether dedicated or responsive. What’s important is that you adjust your existing website to suit the needs of contemporary web users who access the Web using mobile gadgets.

3. Focus on Mobile-User Intent.

The arrival of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm necessitates factoring in conversational search queries and mobile user intent in developing an effective mobile SEO strategy.

After all, a mobile SEO strategy, to be successful, should be sensitive to the demands of its intended audience, in particular, mobile phone users.

Understanding the intended audience is a must in SEO because any strategy is primarily anchored on the behavioural patterns and search queries of these target groups.

For instance, mobile phone users are known to be location-oriented, preferring local companies over other service providers as they generally transact with business entities which they know are proximate to where they are situated. With this knowledge about mobile consumers, it becomes imperative to create an online presence for mobile devices with complete business information, including physical address, operation hours and contact details.

4. Mesh Clean Design and Usability.

Develop a website that does not only flaunt a visually captivating design, but also boosts usability features especially made for mobile consumers who access sites on smaller screens. For best conversion rates, intuitive design must be paired with great usability – that means big buttons, compelling calls to action and eye-friendly content.

Also, it’s important to keep an eye on page load speed. Sluggish page loads diminishes the interest of site visitors and disrupts their flow of thoughts. Scoring positive user experience demands the quick loading of mobile pages in seconds or less.

5. Consider Conversational and Voice Search.

Mobile users have varied approaches to conducting their searches using mobile devices. Keyword phrases are getting more dynamic. There is now a need to understand keyword phrases for mobile SEO in their contextual meanings as more mobile consumers use voice search and ask conversational queries when using search engines.

The Mobile SEO landscape is changing day by day. A first page hit for your mobile website may become more challenging in 2014 with the advent of these changes, but with the assistance of skilled mobile SEO experts, you sure can place your site atop the competition.

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