How Google Adwords Helps Small Businesses?

Can Google Adwords help small businesses? Yes, it definitely can. Here are two major ways your small business can gain a lot using Google Adwords.

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1) Instant Traffic

Even if you only set up your business website yesterday, Google Adwords sends instant traffic to your website and attracts an avalanche of prospective customers for you.

Think about it: How else would you possibly compete in the same playing field as your big competitors than being on top of Google — not in one year, not in six months — but today? This is only possible through Google Adwords.

Google Adwords levels the playing field for you. When you have an advertisement running up there, people come to your site. From being never heard, you instantly become the predominant name in the industry because your advert is right where people who need your service can see it.

So what if people see your advertisement? They can become your leads for future conversion or your paying customers, instantly. From just clicking on your advertisement and visiting your website one time, they can be your repeat customers for good.

These spirals of benefits can start with just one click on your Google Advertisement.

2) Savings on Advertisement Cost

Many people think that running a Google Adwords campaign equates to high advertisement costs. Well, like any other form of advertising, it does come with a fee. But here’s how Google Adwords can help save you from unnecessarily and fruitlessly burning your advertising dollars.

  • Testing. No other form of advertisement allows you to test the effectiveness of your advert copy or your headline or call-to-action than Google Adwords. Paired with analysis and reports, Adwords allows you to test your advertisements real time. You have information that will allow you to change, revise, or stop your campaign as soon as you see that it doesn’t work.This saves you two things: time and money, which are both essential resources especially when you are just starting out.
  • Serves as reference point for mainstream advertising. If and when you decide to run your advertisement in mainstream avenues, the Google Adwords test will also be a good reference before you print or broadcast. It is a good gauge of consumer behaviour towards how you advertise your product or service.There is no such thing as testing in mainstream advertisement. Once your advert sees print or broadcast, you can hardly make any change lest incur charges as though you are plugging a new ad. You can use your Google Adwords as a reference point before crafting your mainstream advert text.

Outsourcing Google Adwords Management To Experts

Managing Google Adwords isn’t rocket science. However, if you have decided to choose Google Adwords as your advertising platform, you need to invest time and effort to manage it successfully.

On the other hand, there are Search Engine Marketing companies who can set up and manage Google Adwords efficiently and effectively. Hiring a professional to do the job will help you focus on your core business and edge out your competitors; big or small.

Case Study from Google on AdWords Success : Happy Hound

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