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Times are rough for all industries in 2020, as the world battles an unseen enemy with the rampant spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in different parts of the globe. With millions of people worldwide infected with the potentially deadly disease, the global economy is set to suffer also from the pandemic’s implications.

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eCommerce SEO refers to the organic (natural) process of making your eCommerce website rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). When you search for something on Google, for example “running shoes for women”, you’ll be taken to the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) which looks like this:

Website Security

At a time where cyber defenses are low due to the shift of focus to the pandemic, cybercriminals find it opportune to launch their attacks against computer networks, businesses and world organisations. Fuelled by COVID-19 fear and exacerbated by faulty website security, cybercrimes have surged as of late.

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To prevent Covid-19 transmission, people are discouraged from frequenting public areas, such as malls, restaurants, groceries and supermarkets. With social distancing measures and stay-at-home notices in place, consumers are forced to adapt. Shopping behaviors have shifted from offline to online. Consumer buying patterns have changed. As a result, eCommerce sales have skyrocketed.

Ranking and Traffic

The Covid-19 pandemic has devastated the world’s economies. Digital landscapes have not been spared, either. Extraordinary rankings volatility has been observed by the SEO community since the outbreak. Search Engine Rank Page (SERP) Volatility refers to constant changes in the position of website ranking in Google’s result pages.

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The world is reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic’s far-reaching effects. In Singapore, where confirmed coronavirus cases surged past the 15,000 mark, stern “circuit breaker” measures have been imposed. Among these are closure of non-essential establishments and restriction of access to public hotspots.