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There is still much debate about what is the best way to measure the success of a website. Amidst the different ideas, it is proven that engagement and retention are two of the most effective ways to measure the performance of your site. Before we tackle the deeper metrics that can help increase your site’s performance, it’s best to understand first

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Although the design of an online ad is what catches the attention of the viewers, it’s the text that will make them click on it. For this sole reason, the wording of an advertisement is crucial. If you are in the marketing or advertising industry, then

Mobile page speed

These days, having a mobile-friendly site is crucial to your business since most consumers are already on their smartphones. With this trend becoming a vital aspect of digital marketing, businesses have to keep up with what’s latest and make sure that the customer experience of mobile users meets their needs and wants.

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Web Development

Choosing the right web development service provider is the first and most vital step when setting up your website. Most people who are new to web design and development think that setting up a site is pretty easy and that any web development company or even freelancer can get the job done. You might believe that once the

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Mobile Friendly Update

Since online marketing is constantly changing, we can expect that Google is continuously working on improving their system. Of course, when an update happens, marketers have to be ready to tweak their SEO tactics to maintain a good ranking. SEO is made of techniques that allow website owners to get a good ranking on Google. However, when Google alters its algorithm, the SEO strategies that

Content Marketing

SEO has always been an integral part of digital marketing. This is because getting a good ranking in search engines can help increase traffic to your website. SEO is all about helping your site achieve a good ranking position in search engines.

Search engines like Google and Bing have a complex algorithm that will help people find the