Recent SEO Factors that Affect Local Searches


SEO techniques have always been a hot topic in online marketing. At present, we cannot deny its importance in search results. Local SEO is one thing that you must learn if you want your website to rank high locally. Although it has a similarity to the usual SEO campaign, it slightly differs in certain factors like the inclusion of the business’ location in the long tail keywords.

Every year, Google’s search algorithm changes; thus, more and more techniques are being discovered while some are being taken out of the list. Hence, it is essential to be updated with the latest SEO trends always so that you will not be left behind by your competitors.


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Less is more. This expression is easily applicable in the art of SEM or search engine marketing, especially when pertaining to the use of keywords. While there is no exact rule on how many keywords should be used for an SEM campaign, the most practicable tip is to keep keywords for each ad group within the range of twenty to thirty (20-30) keywords.

Unfortunately, those new to SEM tend to make the mistake of bloating their accounts and campaigns with unnecessary keywords. What’s worse, they utilise off-the-mark keywords that fail to create desired results. Truth is, the use of too many keywords won’t do your AdWords account any good.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is now being considered a crucial element of a powerful SEO campaign.

With current developments in the art of web design and the rise of consumer population using smart phones and mobile phones to access the Web, a handful of tech experts predict that responsive web design, otherwise known as RWD, will soon become the “star” of the latest website design landscapes.
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With the social media hype, and with practically everyone being on at least one social networking site, many online-based businesses and e-commerce sites have turned to social media to solve their sales-related woes. But can social media really outrank and outperform SEO? Is it really the most effective strategy in terms of sales generation? Surprisingly, the answer to both questions is “no”.


Conversion Tracking for Your SEM Campaign

SEM Conversion Tracking

SEM Conversion TrackingHere’s one thing you have to understand about starting your own business: success doesn’t happen overnight. It can be a long and tiring process, but the pay-off would be fulfilling once you do it right. So what is one of the important elements needed to make your business successful? Set clear marketing goals and employ an effective marketing strategy.

Clients are the lifeblood of business. It is not enough that you have a creative and innovative concept for your marketing strategy; more importantly, it must reach your potential clients. With the advent of the Internet, the fastest way to reach prospects is by running a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign. This is where the importance of conversions tracking comes in.

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Collaborating with an SEM agency (search engine marketing agency) is like being in a marriage. It’s not always rosy. Sometimes, it works. Sometimes it does not. One thing is for sure: the client must work hand in hand with its search engine marketing agency to ensure that objectives are achieved and desired results are actualised.

As a client, there are things you can do to keep your working relationship with your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) agency strong and solid. For a more successful collaboration with an SEM agency, make the following points a part of your to-do list: