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So, you want to rise to the first page of Google? You’re determined about getting results from SEO?

For some SEO optimisers who only care about you signing the dotted line and walking with your cash on their hands, there’s no stopping of this enthusiasm from you.Review-SEO-Result

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Where Google Is Headed This 2014

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I won’t tell you what you shouldn’t be doing. We already wrote about 7 ways to do SEO wrong in our previous post.

So how will SEO play out this year? As we see it, SEO will unfurl these three ways:

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Google Adwords is primarily for advertisers to get instant traffic to their website through paid advertisements. But did you know that you can – and should – use Adwords to make your SEO more successful?

google adwords

Here are ways this is done:

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If you are meeting the task of writing Adword copy with much trepidation, you are not alone.

After all, with Google guidelines to strictly follow, a need for creativity that will edge out the toughest

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Breaking through the maze to hassle free landing page
Breaking through the maze to hassle free landing page

Don’t crowd out your landing page with irrelevant offers!

What is a landing page and why should you have one if you’re running Google Adwords?

Unlike a website which has several web pages, a landing page (as the term suggests) is a single page that is designed to achieve one thing only: to

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Example of poor Adword copy 02

It’s hard to resist the temptation of managing your Google Adwords campaign by yourself. After all, there are so many PPC companies out there promising you traffic for countless of keywords. It’s hard to tell which ones really know what they’re doing.

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