Recent SEO Factors that Affect Local Searches


SEO techniques have always been a hot topic in online marketing. At present, we cannot deny its importance in search results. Local SEO is one thing that you must learn if you want your website to rank high locally. Although it has a similarity to the usual SEO campaign, it slightly differs in certain factors like the inclusion of the business’ location in the long tail keywords.

Every year, Google’s search algorithm changes; thus, more and more techniques are being discovered while some are being taken out of the list. Hence, it is essential to be updated with the latest SEO trends always so that you will not be left behind by your competitors.

SEO techniques influence the rankings. If you know how to make use of SEO to boost your online presence, then you’ll get a good local search ranking in the search results. Here are the recent SEO factors that can help you rank high locally:


Using links in your website’s content is very helpful in getting a good ranking. This is because it helps your website ride on the popularity of other websites that are also relevant to your customers or visitors. There are three kinds of links that are very efficient in optimizing your content. These are the authority, the specific industry, and the specific location links.

  • Authority Links

These are authority sites that have credible and reliable information in them. Some examples of authority links are university websites, online library, or websites that are well-established in a specific field.

  • Specific Industry Links

Specific industry links, on the other hand, are sites that showcase information which is relevant to your business.

  • Specific Location Links

These are websites that showcase information that is relevant to your location.

Out of these three, it is the specific location link that significantly affects the local searches. It simply means that in your content, you must include links which hinted the location of your business. Knowing how to place these three types of links in your content will help boost your search visibility.

Website Signals

This 2016, website signals are now as important in local SEO as they were in the usual SEO. Keywords play an important role because they are the words or phrases that your target audience searches in the search engines. If you include different keywords in your content, your website will be more relevant.

Also, Google My Business shows that the more words you have in your content, the better your local search ranking is. While this is usually the case for traditional SEO, it seems like keywords and word count are becoming more and more relevant to local SEO as well.


Though “citation” isn’t as crucial as the previous two, it still plays an important role in the local rankings. The key to using citations in your website is the consistency. It means that your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number) data online should have consistent data. For instance, if your company’s Google+ and Facebook profile don’t have the same address, then your citations aren’t consistent.

Adding citations to your website can get you a good pack ranking locally. However, just remember that it’s not just about how many citations you have or how credible they are. You just have to make sure that your citations are consistently used and properly arranged in the content.

Google My Business Signals

Over the years, signals from the Google My Business platform have already become a top local SEO factor. Some essential signals include photos, profile reviews, and having an Owner Verified Profile or OVP.

In fact, Google reports that if you have some important keywords in your GMB’s name, then you’ll get a higher local search ranking. This is because your website will end up more relevant in the search engine due to the presence of the keyword with your business name. The keyword + business name or keyword + business location are two common keyword combinations to localize search results.


The internet is growing and evolving, as well as the SEO trends. Whenever the SEO strategies evolve, the methods of getting a good local search ranking will change as well. This is why if you want to keep a high online visibility at all times, it pays to know how these SEO factors can help you push your website to the top of your search engine so that it becomes relevant to your target market.



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