Unlock the Success of Your Google Adwords Landing Page

Breaking through the maze to hassle free landing page

Don’t crowd out your landing page with irrelevant offers!

What is a landing page and why should you have one if you’re running Google Adwords?

Unlike a website which has several web pages, a landing page (as the term suggests) is a single page that is designed to achieve one thing only: to get your visitors to respond to your Call To Action (CTA).

Whether you want them to make a purchase, get a quote, or book an appointment, a landing page makes your visitors “land” exactly where they can execute these actions. No detours or side trips.

That makes a landing page extremely important especially when you are running paid advertisements on Google. Certainly, you want your visitors to convert into paying customers to get a return from your Google Adwords investment.

Having said that, here are two keys to unlock the success of your landing page:

1) Focus On Customer Experience

Take a few minutes to watch this funny and witty video from Google Analytics about the importance of focusing your landing page on the customer experience:

Isn’t the scenario something almost everyone of us can relate to?! The poor guy came to shop for olives and yet “pop ups” push him to buy either a Chardonnay, a book or a mug and he “suffers” these only to find out that his search for olives lands him to a 404 error!

Focusing on your customer’s experience when they arrive on your landing page will mean that you will make his or her online purchasing experience straightforward, fuss-free, and smooth as possible.

You can achieve this by:

  • Talking about your product or service clearly
  • Having CTA buttons on your landing page
  • Including a form where the customer can enter personal data so you can contact them as they request or send them more information
  • Clearly indicating your contact number

Remember, those who clicked the link to your landing page are people with a list on their hands!

They are not shopping around, they want to buy.

To unlock the success of your landing page, make it super easy for your customers to follow your CTA.

Otherwise, you will get a very disappointed visitor who might never return to your page again!

2) Offer Relevant Content

This cannot be emphasized more.

As in the video, DO NOT be promo girl and promo guy, who popped up from the corridor catching the unsuspecting shopper seemingly in a no-way-out corner and bombarding him with advertising pitches from all directions.

Your customer did not come to your landing page for any other reason than what you have initially offered on your Google Adwords advertisement.

Give your prospects relevant content so they can be further persuaded to make a purchase (or to act upon your CTA, whatever it is).

Do not deceive them by pitching a headline that is different from what the landing page is about.

If your headline is about cats and dogs, then don’t make your landing page talk about fish or bunny rabbits. Google holds no reservation in penalising landing page(s) for having irrelevant, deceptive content.

With these two powerful keys on hand, you will be unlocking limitless conversion potential via your landing page.

Above all, you will also be able to better manage the results of your PPC at lower costs. Use them and make your conversion happen. All the best!

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