Using Google Adwords to Boost Your SEO

Google Adwords is primarily for advertisers to get instant traffic to their website through paid advertisements. But did you know that you can – and should – use Adwords to make your SEO more successful?

google adwords

Here are ways this is done:

1) Better Keywords Selection.

Anyone who has done SEO knows that it is all about ranking for the right keywords. Sure you can show at the top of Google, but for which keyword? If you’re ranking for keywords that have zero search volume (and if you have paid a hefty sum for it) then this kind of SEO is a total waste of time and money. Without traffic, any search marketing strategy can be deemed a failure.

So yes, rank for keywords that matter!

No one else gives you a better idea of which keywords are highly searched than the Google users themselves. You would be surprised that there are search terms and phrases which you least expect to have high search volume for your business.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool helps you identify high search keywords. It is by far the most widely used keyword research tool.

So how can using a Google Adwords Keyword Tool help you have a sharper keyword selection for your SEO? Use the step by step guide below:

  • Step 1: You can opt to enter your website URL on Google Adwords Keyword Tool.
  • Step 2: Adwords will generate keywords suggestions.
  • Step 3: Shortlist these keyword suggestions using Search Volume.
  • Step 4: Calculate keyword competitiveness. This tells you how competitive it is to rank to the top of Google for each keyword.
  • Step 5: To arrive at keyword competitiveness, you must first enter each keyword with double quote on Google to obtain the number of web results.
  • Step 6: Then divide the Search Volume by number of web results to calculate keyword competitiveness
    If you are just starting out with SEO, you will be better off targeting keywords with high ratio because they are easier to rank.

2) Better Keyword Conversion.

After all that has been said about picking the right keyword, you’re still not assured if what you finally came up with will indeed convert – i.e. fetch you paying customers.

Google Adwords will help you identify keywords that convert by allowing an efficient way to test these keywords.

Remember your keyword shortlist? Most people will go ahead and spend their marketing money on SEO for all these keywords. After one year of putting time and money into the list, they then realise not all that ranked first page brought them customers.

Imagine you had executed a Google Adwords campaign for a list of chosen keywords.

If after three months, you proved that some keywords are converting poorly, you can then stop the campaign for keywords that are not converting.

You would have only spent an X amount of dollars and three months on a non-converting keyword, instead of a whole year and definitely lots of money on SEO.

Google Adwords is indeed the best testing tool for choosing keywords that convert.

3) Better Click Through Rate (CTR) On Ranking Keywords.

Suppose you are already ranking organically for several keywords, are you getting people to click on your link?

Google Adwords can help you increase your SEO click through rate as well. With Adwords, it is easy to test a page title and description and lock in on a combination that indeed draws the clicks.

Once you have achieved the maximum click through rate with several testing on the ad title and description, it is a good idea to use the ad title and description for your SEO page title and description to increase your SEO CTR.

4) Better Global Reach Through Geo-targeting.

Adwords allows you to bid for traffic for many different geographical targets.

Once you see that a certain geographical location converts better than another, you can use this information when planning the country where you will do SEO for your products/services.

This location choice will set the spin for your SEO campaign at full scale, from keyword selection, to content creation, to effective natural link building, etc.

You can even create different country-specific landing pages and optimise these to maximise the conversion.

Google Adwords indeed offers high research and testing value for your SEO. While it is a great online marketing to use on its own, it also offer valuable insights for launching other advertising campaigns, SEO included.

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