Ways to Write Remarkable Adwords Copy

If you are meeting the task of writing Adword copy with much trepidation, you are not alone.

After all, with Google guidelines to strictly follow, a need for creativity that will edge out the toughest of competitors, and prospects that easily get bored and have very short attention span, you will need to be innovative and to write Adwords copy that will bring a torrent of qualified traffic to your website.


How do you face up to this seemingly daunting task? How can you come up with an Adwords copy that will work?

Unfortunately like any form of advertising, there is no sure-fire way to write Adword copy that will 100% make your prospects click on your ad. But here are some guidelines which, when done well, will help you get close to grabbing your prospects’ attention.

    1. Write A Responsive Ad. Some Adwords Ad copywriters err on the side of writing one-size-fits-all copy to entice a wider range of people into clicking the ad. You DON’T want people just clicking on your ad. You want people who will convert; you want relevant and qualified traffic.
      The only way to do this is to be specific and to write Ad copy that responds to each ad group.
    2. Don’t Just Push People To Do Things. Show Them Value. Yes, you do this on your Call To Action. CTAs are powerful if only you know how to write them right. Besides, Google will disapprove Ads that have “Click Here” so do not use it. “Get It Now!” “Buy Now!” “Order Now!” are some of the more popular CTAs, but they may not be the best. How about “Be The First” “Start Saving More Today!” You ought to offer value to your prospects and answer the WIIFM (“What’s In It For Me“) question instead of just telling them what you want them to do.
    3. Highlight The Price. Next to freebies, people bite into anything cheap or something that offers the best value almost instantly. If your product indeed has the lowest price, highlight this in your ad. Or if you offer the best value for the price, state that this is so. “From $399” “Lowest Price Guaranteed” “Best Value Offer” are just some ways to highlight pricing and entice more buyers.
    4. Use The Curiosity Hook. You only have space enough for 95 characters on your Adwords ad copy, there is no way you can write the full product label in there. Instead, you can create curiosity; leave your prospects in suspense so they will click to read more. When they get to your landing page, that’s where you lock them in and sweeten the deal, having more freedom to write.
    5. Conduct Split Tests. As an advertiser, this is one of the things you will love about Adwords ad copy compared to the mainstream print advertising.In mainstream print advertising, whatever you submit to the classified ads editor is sealed in stone and sees print. If it doesn’t fetch a single soul looking your way or calling you, this means a huge sum of print advertising money down the drain without ROI (return of investment)Adwords adverts allow you to conduct A/B testing for your Adword text and your landing page text.If your Click-Through Rate (CTR) is high but your conversion is low, test your landing page text. If your CTR is low, test your Adwords advert text. You have the means to see what indeed works and can change it even if you already got your Adwords ad published.
    6. Hook Them With An Irresistible Offer.Free next day delivery,” “50% off the next order” “Vacation deals from $199!” can get your prospects hooked. Use this as long as you deliver on what you promise. Google also allows the use of an asterisk so you can package your promise more attractively as long as you do not mislead your prospects.
    7. Reserve the nomenclature for the grammarian. Yes you want to attract a specific audience, but please spare them the jargon. Even technical products (those related to IT, for example) rarely use jargon to describe how good they are. Speak the language of your customers—no jargon needed.
    8. Prominently Display URL. Google allows you to display your URL. Do it well and make sure the url you display works and actually takes you to your landing page.Google allows 35 characters for your Display URL, but if you have something longer, save four characters by omitting www. You can also include a keyword into your Display URL as a sub-directory to improve ad relevancy. (e.g. www.YourDomain.com.sg/Keyword)
    9. Proof Read! It’s true that copywriting does not need to be as strict as submitting your term paper in grammar school but there is a plus for well-written pieces that make sense. The smallest mistakes can turn your prospects away.
    10. Finally, Keep At It! If this is your first time running Adwords, and if you think you are not getting anywhere, don’t quit. Keep at it. Don’t expect to get a perfect 10 on the first try. Give yourself the chance to immerse into the world of Adwords. It’s a fascinating journey; otherwise, it wouldn’t be the top choice of many businesses among online advertising methods, right?

And while you are trying it for the first time, here are Adwords basic guidelines to tide you through:


  • Headline to be kept within 25 characters
  • Description Line 1 to be kept within 35 characters
  • Description Line 2 to be kept within 35 characters
  • Display URL to be kept within 35 characters


Do also see the video from Google on how to create a new Adwords Ad.

Some Google Don’ts:

  • Exclamation mark in the headline
  • More than one exclamation mark anywhere on the ad text
  • Repeated symbols and other punctuations
  • Symbols, numbers, and other texts that are deceptive
  • Bullets

There you have it! With these Adwords copy guidelines in mind, you should be more equipped in crafting your Google Adwords Ad text in no time.

Still needing help? Feel free to let us know. We have launched successful Adwords campaign for many clients. Talk to us today.

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