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Do you own a website but you’re not driving traffic to it?

If you want to build your business, then Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be one of the indispensable weapons in your internet marketing arsenal.

SEO helps drive traffic to your website and awakens it to become your online cash- generating engine. Done right, SEO increases your website’s potential to sell your products and services even while you sleep, building your brand to online customers who are looking for a company they can trust.

What is SEO? How does it work? How will it help you grow your business?

How SEO Works?

How SEO worksTo understand SEO, it is requisite to understand how search works. Here’s a simple explanation straight from Google, the biggest search engine today.

Search is giving people the answer they’re looking for.

Well that’s pretty simple, you think. As soon as you put things in perspective, you will realize it takes a lot of hard work for your website to be searched.

The fact is there are millions of websites out there. To be found on top of Google search, you will need to apply several changes on your website to prepare it for Google search. Some of these include continuously and consistently working on the quality of the content on your website, ensuring your website architecture is designed in a way that makes it easier for Google to find and understand it, and checking the quality of websites that link to you. All these form part of the basic SEO process.

In other words, SEO means improving your website’s ranking on major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Done well, SEO has the potential to place you on top of organic searches. This means Google will put you on the top of its page over millions of other websites even if you have not paid Google any money. You landed at the top rank naturally.

Just like all good things which take time to brew, SEO is a strategy that has to be implemented consistently over a period of time, in order to reap its real value. SEO is always in the “work in progress” mode where it needs to be nurtured and monitored constantly to get the maximum results.

The following diagram depicts much about the philosophy behind SEO.

SEO Philosophy Diagram

How Search Engine Optimization (SEO Singapore) Helps Grow Your Business

SEO Singapore - SEO TrafficWhy work so hard for high website ranking? Because the higher the ranking of your website, the greater the chances that your target customers will be clicking on the link to your website, for products and/or services that they are seeking.

Imagine having a physical store and selling your product, say, shoes. In choosing a location for your store, you need to consider foot traffic in the area. This ensures that there are enough people to attract to your store and that they can easily find you. Without foot traffic, it isn’t hard to imagine that your sales will be slow.

Web traffic works pretty much the same way. If you are not on the first page of search engines like Google, chances are you will have little or no web traffic at all. Without traffic, your website visit will drop and along with it, your sales can potentially plummet as well.

SEO with the help of a reputable SEO company places your website on the first page of Google and other search engines, allowing massive traffic to your website. These people have a good chance enquiring about your products and if your website gives them what they’re looking for, then you get yourself a sale. Because more than 80% of the online population has used the internet to shop, you can imagine how SEO helps your business grow exponentially.


SEO + Social Media

SEO + Social Media iconYou might wonder, how does SEO relate to Social Media? Is doing one or the other enough to support your online marketing?

2013 was the year SEO changed forever. Google released three algorithm changes namely Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird which completely changed the way organic search ranking is done.

Before, SEO and social media were like the north and south poles that would never intersect.

Presently, many situations demonstrate that SEO and social media can align.

SEO can use social signals as basis of what content to write to reach the right market. Social signals, which identify what is being liked and shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Pinterest, etc., provide a scope through which you can have a closer look at what buying language your target market use and just what is that one thing that will keep them coming back over and over again.

If you’re trying to make sense of how social media helps SEO, consider the simplified explanation below:

  1. You create great content. This is good for your SEO because writing content around topics which your readers will want to read helps Google see that you are the website they are searching for. Write based on industry news, your new clients, feedback from current clients, relevant news from independent media, etc.
  2. You create social media presence. Note that we do not only recommend that you create mere social media accounts and put their icons on your website as a placeholder for something pretty to look at. Take social media seriously by creating your presence. Take the time to write your social media “About Us” profile or to choose your social media profile picture. Social media is where your customers are. Do you want to be shared and heard? Establish a social media presence that is worth talking about and you get yourself and your business a great following, friends or circle.
  3. You link back to your site. Share about the content you created on your social media and don’t forget to link back to your site. When your friends see what you shared, they might also share it to their friends. This is how your link gets spread around – this is how social media helps SEO.

Does First Page SEO Singapore offer guarantees for ranking clients’ website on the top of Google?

Caution IconWe do not offer any guarantees at First Page, simply because we want the best for all our clients. You may be surprised with this statement that we have made, but we truly mean it.

In fact, we have cold hard facts to substantiate this statement. So if you are serious about investing your marketing budget in this area, guarantees on ranking should never be at the top of your list. Instead, you should be asking what benefits you can get by leveraging the expertise of the SEO Consultants, to grow your business.

If you are keen to find out more, or want to start working your way to the top, kindly contact us.