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Web Design & Development Service in Singapore

We only want to build websites that are best for our clients’ business

We pursue success for every project that we take on, and we only take on projects that we anticipate its success.

Having developed websites for numerous clients, we observed certain glaring traits that determine the success or failure of a website.

A website is bound for failure if the client:

  • insists on developing a site that they want but does not appeal to their targeted audience
  • is unwilling to accept professional advice for their website
  • acts like a dictator during the entire web development process
  • refuses to pay for quality web development service

We humbly reject projects if our prospective client exhibits the above mentioned traits, as it will hinder synergy, which is a critical factor to the creation of a successful website. We only ask that you trust our capability, and we’ll do our best to deliver.

We build stunning, functional websites that appeal to your targeted audience

The hallmarks of a great website are not defined by appearance alone. A website is only considered effective and successful if it appeals to your targeted audience.

A great website is a powerful medium for strategic online branding

Online BrandingYour website serves as a primary point of contact with online consumers. A great website has the potential to inspire brand awareness, increase leads generation and create a positive impression on site visitors, if built with key features such as:

  • striking design that attracts user to stay or navigate the website
  • user friendly, good navigation and functionality
  • informative and readable content

Online users have the tendency to jump to and from web pages scouting for information. If a website does not spark interest or captivate the attention of users, it’s a waste of money and time. At First Page, we get your brand’s message across your audiences within the first few seconds of contact by building powerful websites that are functional as much as they are eye-catching.

Our approach features a balance of aesthetics and functionality, designed to improve user experiences. The end goal of creating a stunning but fully functional website is to strengthen your brand and make you stand out from the competition.

Our team is made up of skilled designers and developers with passion for what they do

First Page is backed by an in-house website development team that is equipped with more than a decade’s experience in building and designing websites. Over the years, we have steadily built our portfolio which showcases a collection of websites that encapsulate design, function, easy navigation and search engine-friendliness.  We aim to provide the best service throughout the entire website development process, from the preliminary design phase to the launch of your website.

What makes our web development service a cut above the rest?

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  1. Custom built for your specific business requirements

    A custom website is crucial to brand recognition and is more likely to increase the trust and confidence of consumers in your brand. First Page has made a reputation for building high quality websites that are custom-built, with specifications streamlined according to your business needs. We listen to your requirements, understand your clients’ profile and deliver the work, based on what is best for your business.

  1. Responsive web design

    First Page advocates responsive web design. We understand the rapid growth of mobile device usage, so we strive to adapt to these changes and deliver unique user-friendly mobile experiences for higher conversion rates and better user engagement. Our web developers can optimize your website to maintain a seamless and consistent appearance across mobile, tablet and large screen devices.

  1. Quality Codes

    High quality coding entails the use of consistent and clean code language. Our web developers are extensively trained in coding using MySQL, XML, JQuery, HTML/ HTML5, PHP and CSS/CSS3. Our programming skills for website development are compliant with latest industry standards and guidelines. Our developers have proven expertise in building landing pages, boutique websites, e-commerce websites and integrating content management systems (CMS) for quick and easy page management.

  1. Search-engine Friendly

    Building websites that perform well on search engines is a crucial component of website development. At First Page, index-able content and crawl-able link structures are key elements of our site optimization strategy. Our web developers adhere strictly to on page optimization guidelines. Having an SEO-friendly website leads to higher search engine rankings and increased conversion rates.

  1. Reliable Website Security

    We integrate security tools onto websites to protect against hacking and spamming. Your website represents your online identity and is your virtual storefront. Unprotected websites have high risks for security breach. A security breach can lead to devastating results. Confidential information of clients such as credit card numbers and social security numbers may be compromised. A hacked website not only makes you liable for financial damages, it endangers the goodwill and trust you’ve established with your customer base.

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First Page ensures that every website built has the qualities to succeed

Get a website that is specially designed and built for your business, one that accurately represents your brand and appeals to your audience. Call us today, and let’s begin building a beautiful, well-functioning website that attracts online users and generates leads.