Do you find the following phrase extremely familiar?

“Searching for a product or service? Just GOOGLE it!”
It is an undeniable fact that search engine (e.g. Google &Yahoo) is now a very popular platform used to search for products or services.

With the widespread use of the internet on mobile devices and computers, it just makes it too convenient to tap on the use of search engine to search for a need or want.

Search Engines

What does that mean for your business?

It needs to be highly visible on the main search engines to ensure that your prospective clients are able to find your business when they are searching for products or services which your business can provide.

When you are visible in situations that your prospective clients are looking for related products or services which your business can offer, it is a natural act for them to enquire with you.

So, grab that market share!
Grow your sales enquires.
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Grow your business!

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But before we excite you on our approach to bring you success, please let us impress you with the testimonials from our esteemed clients.

Chris Yam

Chris Yam
Owner of ColourXpress Printing Pte Ltd

Thank you for your EXCELLENT service!

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Thank you for your EXCELLENT service!
I would say I was rather skeptical about the response for a google ad campaign initially.

You were not only professional and knowledgeable in your field of service, you were very patience and willing to go the extra mile explaining to me the benefits of being more targeted and we will be able to measure the effectiveness of the response.

You really walk us through step by step, guiding us along, giving very relevant feedbacks and educating us as you go through our analytic reports.

Thank You for your awesome service!
Will definitely recommend other business owners to use your services.

Thank You.

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Dr. Sky Tan
CEO of SkyCreation Pte. Ltd.

We love the results! Keep up the brilliant work, First Page!

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We were on the lookout for a SEO provider that can bring our company’s website to the first page of Google. Being faced with SEO companies that offered guarantees to those which offered very competitive pricing, we finally decided to engage First Page’s service.

We were initially hesitant as they were adamant in a no guarantee policy. However, we like it that they are patient to explain Google’s game plan to us clearly. What makes them stand out is their tailored made approach and customized strategy to bring us to the top.

We would highly recommend First Page’s service for any businesses that are on the search for high level of dedication and good results.

We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to First Page’s dynamic team for taking great care of our ranking needs. We love the results! Keep up the brilliant work, First Page!

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Rebecca Ho
Owner of Maneki Signage

I receive one enquiry averagely per day given my limited budget.

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What impress me most about First Page is that they genuinely care for their clients and they walk the talk.

I receive 1 enquiry averagely per day given my limited budget. Enquiries came from the intended audience and that is enough to keep me busy.

Their offerings is value for money given their thousands of miles that they go for client.

First Page’s service is second to none! They are a rare find.

2 thumbs up for their persistency for excellence!

Teo Han Siang

Teo Han Siang
Reliance Consulting Services Pte. Ltd.

My enquiries increased remarkably!

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Splendid service. Ingenious campaign execution. Meticulous management. Responsive.

They regained my confidence in internet marketing after my previous vendors failed badly in bringing results for my campaigns.

My enquiries increased remarkably during the 3rd month of my engagement with First Page.

They are superb and helpful.

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Do you want to get outstanding results

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We make it ABOUT YOU

If your business will gain maximum advantage with us, then we’ll take you in.We do not just want your business.

We want to establish long-term partnership with you to help your business achieve RESULTS, PROFITS AND GROWTH.

This explains why we are prudent and pragmatic in making our decision to choose clients.

If, after careful and exhaustive assessment of your website and your expectations for the SEM campaign, we determine that we can’t bring value to your business or that our methodology isn’t a good match, then we don’t take you on.

Consequently, when we sign you up, you can rest assured that we will deliver on our promised results.
Your business will have a uniquely strategized SEM campaign fine-tuned for success.It’s common practice among search engine marketers to perform like virtual factories, where managers juggle dozens of accounts every day and rapidly churn through clients. This is profitable for them, but not necessarily for you.

Unlike many of our competitors, First Page SEM Management applies a tailored-made approach geared towards your success because we fully understand that no two clients are the same, even if they are from the same industry.

With us, your website goes through meticulous site audit to uncover its strengths and weaknesses.

This means long and painstaking hours spent assessing every single aspect of your website.

For you, this means seeing results happen without wasting unnecessary time and money.

Other SEM campaigns fail miserably because of off-the-rack strategies.

On the contrary, every step of First Page SEM strategy targets to deliver maximum results and growth for your business
Experience having your own SEM ManagerBleeding-edge techniques meet our passion to delight you with results.

We assign you a SEM manager who is an expert in every aspect of your business.

He or she will have a tight pulse on your customers’ behaviour and market movements.

First Page SEM management is communication-intensive, labour-intensive, and incredibly dynamic.

You will receive communications in a timely manner, so you can make enlightened decisions at lightning speed.

This level of service makes it humanly impossible for one manager to handle too many accounts.

At First Page, your business is part of a selected, limited-only circle that receives our utmost care.

We assign each of our SEM managers a very small fraction of our account load.

Because we know that overloading SEM managers will dilute the focus necessary for your SEM campaign to succeed.
We have earned the Google Partners badgeTo earn the Google Partners badge, we need to go through and pass a series of stringent tests developed by Google and also apply best practices to clients’ campaigns.

The Google Partners badge identifies SEM agencies that are proficient with Google’s products. The badge also recognizes that these SEM agencies’ businesses are healthy, their clients are happy, and they engage Google best practices. Such SEM agencies has access to Google training and the latest product updates and research.
They stay ahead by working directly with Google.

First Page has invested the time in getting the badge so that we are qualified and professionally trained to get you the leads you need and to maximize your budget.

The math is fairly simple. More leads + less time + less cost = better returns for you.

If you want to experience a refreshing change in how SEM should be done and start experiencing massive return on your investment, call us or use the contact form to get in touch.

We’ll be happy to sit down with you and plan your campaign.

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You will not believe how affordable our SEM service is
We are not the cheapest in our industry but our fees are surprisingly affordable.
For our high level of dedication and time commitment to each SEM campaign, clients feel that our SEM service is highly valued for money!


You get worry-free SEM
Other SEM companies will bind you in a minimum 6-12 months contract.
There’s no contract to tie you down with us. With First Page, you pay for results on a monthly basis. If for some reason you are dissatisfied with our service, stop paying and the service is terminated.
No question asked.
It’s that hassle-free for you.


You get your money back
As proof of our confidence to bring your business high value results, we do a 100% refund of our management fees if you are not satisfied in your first 30 days with us!
Plain and simple, no question asked!
With First Page, you are making a low-risk, high yield investment.
To be honest, nobody has had to take us up for our money-back offer. Once clients work with us, they stay with us.

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